Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Boxer friends,

ATIBOX, as the largest boxer breed organization in the world is engaging in developing and guiding our boxer to meet the future challenges. In order to act upon these future demands effectively, ATIBOX Presidium decided to develop a ‘Strategy and Action Plan’, which has been devised with the aim to guide and improve our activities to have the necessary impact.
Our member countries were consulted on the ‘Strategy and Action Plan’ earlier in the spring, it is now considered the appropriate time by the ATIBOX Presidium to start to implement our plan.

With a wish to make these ideas of ATIBOX fully transparent, we would like to introduce the ATIBOX ‘Strategy and Action Plan’ to all of boxer enthusiasts around the world, in order to help realize the future aims of the ATIBOX activities.

In a strive to achieve a healthy boxer of great morphology and excellent character, we are presenting this plan on behalf of ATIBOX, placing a great expectations on all of us, that we hope will find the support and help not only with the presidents and officials of the member countries, but of all boxer enthusiasts around the globe – boxer owners, judges, breeders and all of us who carries boxer deep in our hearts.

Let us all work together for the good of the Boxer!

With best regards,

ATIBOX Presidium

Read the PDF Here