Ladies and Gentleman,

atiboxLogoLitenDear boxer friends,

In these difficult and most challenging times we live in, where the whole world is shrouded under the threat of disease, we have learned once again that our differences are really irrelevant and unimportant, not only in the boxer world but within the whole of humanity.  The only thing that really matters now is our health and the health of our beloved ones.

Therefore, we pray to our dear Lord for the good health of all boxer friends around the globe.

We are hoping to see you soon safe and well, but above all happy, with our dear boxers on the boxer events in the wishful world we dream to experience again, without the intimidating shadow of COVID-19 or any other disease.

We wish you a happy and blessed Easter!


Iwona, Beatrice, Knut, Nicholas, Henry, Rafa, Anders and Milos