I den här gruppen har man förmånen att få tillgång till två instruktörer. Gruppen passar ekipage med tidigare erfarenhet av IGP och som vet vad som krävs av hund och förare samt är väl insatta i hur sporten fungerar.

kimmo igp

My name is Kimmo. I have been working with dogs around 15 years, qualified FCI helper. My first dog was a boxer female, Momo’s Tecka, with whom I competed two times in Atibox VM. After that I have had two German shepherds (always looking for the next boxer 😊 )

In Finland I’m training a group around 15 dogs; boxers, dobermans, bouviers, rottweilers, german shepherds and malinois. As a helper I always take every dog as an individual and I seek the best possible way of working for every dog (and for the handler also). My opinion is that IGP is always team work. The teams consist of helper, dog and handler and they should always work as a team towards common goal. Looking forward seeing you all in boxer camp!


My name is Katriina Neva and I come to boxercamp with Kimmo. Some may remember me from last year, when we where first time at the boxercamp. Kimmo does all the hard work with the IGP-group and I assist the handlers during the training if needed. I also provide the extra eye for the training and help Kimmo and the handlers to do their work as well as possible in bite work, obedience and in tracking.

My own experience with dog sport goes back for 20 years. I have started with rescue training in 1999 with my first dog and moved to searching and tracking in early 2000. IGP and IFH came in to my life ten years ago and I have lost my passion to these sports. My breed has been Bouvier des Flandres from the start and I have bred some litters also since 2006. I have trained 3 dogs in IGP and competed in our breed world championships in 2015 and 2019 and several times in our breeds national championships. With one dog I have won the breed nationals 2016 in IFH and with the other one IGP championship in 2018. Last year’s IGP world championships we came in second place in beginners’ class. Overall, I have competed in tracking, obedience, agility, blood tracking, IGP and IFH in these past 20 years, nowadays I do purely IGP and IFH.
Our power is in team work and this is what we want to pass on to the handlers.

High understanding of the basics of the sport and recognizing and training an active two drive dog in IGP. I look anxiously forward to boxercamp 2020. Last years’ experience was full with high quality training, with such talented dogs and handlers, well organized conditions and the camp was full such lovely and happy atmosphere. Don´t be afraid to come and share your thoughts during the week, even though my dog has a beard I don´t.