Gruppen passar ekipage med tidigare erfarenhet av IGP och som vet vad som krävs av hund och förare samt är väl insatta i hur sporten fungerar.


I have been working with dogs around 15 years, qualified FCI helper. My first dog was a boxer female Momo’s Tecka with whom I competed two times in Atibox VM.

After that I have had two German shepherds (always looking for the next boxer 😊)

In Finland I’m training a group around 15 dogs; boxers, dobermans, bouviers, rottweilers, german shepherds and malinois.

As a helper I always take every dog as an individual and I seek the best possible way of working for every dog (and for the handler also).

My opinion is that IGP is always team work. The team consist of helper, dog and handler and they should always work as a team towards common goal.

Looking forward seeing you all in boxer camp!